Introduction of The Association of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Bangladesh

The Association of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Bangladesh (abbreviated ANAMEB) is a professional association representing the interests of naval architectural and ship building professionals in Bangladesh. The journey of this association was started in 1993 by an ad-hoc committee, where Dr. Md. Sadiqul Baree was the convener and Mr. Md. Muin Uddin Zulfiquer was the member secretary. By the great effort of that ad-hoc committee, this association was informally established on 1998 as the national society of naval architects and marine engineers in Bangladesh. It’s first committee was elected in the same year with Senior Naval Architect Mr. Saiful Islam as the President and Dr. Abdur Rahim as the General Secretary. ANAMEB was registered later on19th April of 2004 with Dr. Abdullahel Bari as its president and Cdr. (retd) Faizur Rahman as its General Secretary.ANAMEB is an important engineering association in Bangladesh and often provides opinion on professional naval architectural and marine engineering matters.As of 2022, it had over 200 members.It publishes the six monthly peer-reviewed Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

ANAMEB is well represented among the faculty members of the major engineering institutions of higher learning in Bangladesh like BUET, MIST and BSMRMU. Through close collaboration with the local universities and institutions, ANAMEB organizes courses, seminars and talks for engineers and ANAMEB members to advance the continuous development of naval architects. 

The Association maintains close links with different government, semi-government and private organizations in the country where is opportunities for naval architects to work or contribute. The organizations such as Ministry of Shipping, Ministry of Industy, BIWTA, BIWTC, DOS, CPA, MPA, PPA and BSC are in close links with the association. Moreover, the government owned and private shipyards and dockyards are also in close relationship with the association. ANAMEB is contributing significantly in job creation, job standardization and implementation of the right and responsibilities of Naval Architects in all the above organizations.

To raise the technical competencies of naval architects and marine engineers in Bangladesh and promote engineering to the community, ANAMEB has the plan to introduce the Chartered Naval Architect Programme, World Naval Architect Summit and National Engineers Day in future.

ANAMEB will not rest on its laurels and will seek to bring the naval architectural and marine engineering profession greater recognition and raise the status of naval architects and marine engineers both locally and internationally through closer collaboration with its stakeholders and contributions to society.